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What We Do

Our mission is to support local families that must travel to a medical centre outside of Thunder Bay with a sick child for surgeries, treatments, appointments and tests. Our support is not disease or illness specific. Having the support of the United Traveler’s will allow us as a foundation to continue our much needed work in Thunder Bay.


Since 2010 we have received 58 requests for funding. Requests can be for a short trip or a longer stay, for just the child and parent or the whole family. Our goal is to keep families together so they can focus on healing. We feel that families already suffering the emotional distress of having a sick child should not have to carry the financial burden of travel expenses by themselves. Our organization is dedicated to making sure these families are not alone, and we thank you for your help. Each family must complete an application request form and meet with our volunteer Family Coordinator. In many cases we are able to apply for a Northern Travel Grant to help offset some of our costs. On average we only collect 75% of our costs back, leaving the remainder to be supported by our local fundraising efforts.


Since our Foundation was created in 2005 we have given out more than $155,000 to fund local Thunder Bay families. Over $10,000 of that was in 2012 alone. Currently, our services are run completely by a volunteer board of 8 members .