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How to Request Financial Assisntance


Emergency Travel: this program offers short term financial relief to families whose children face unexpected life threatening illness or injuries and have been sent via air ambulance to another facility. The program is designed to deal with unexpected expenses associated with travel, accomodations, meals, ect.

Travel Grant: this program is offered to families that have schedules appointments for their children and that qualify for the Northern Health Travel Grant according to the NHTG guildlines. We act as a third party biller to these familes, allowing them access to their grant entitlements upfront.

Financial Assistance: this program is offered to familes that are faced with additional living expenses incurred when travelling and staying with a child that will be in hospital or is required to stay close to the hospital for an extended period of time.

Special Request: covers requests that are not outlined in any of the other programs, but still fits into our mandate.



Children under the age of 18 or expecting mothers travelling for baby

Permanent resident within the District of Thunder Bay

Illness of injury is unable to be sufficiently support at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre and travel outside of Thunder Bay is requires

Applicant must fall within the Northern Health Travel Grant Program guidlines as set out by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care of Ontario



Finiancial Assistance Applications must be filled out and submitted with all required documentation before being submitting to the granting review committee.

 Required Documents:

      • Verification of Appointment Form or letter from Physician
      • Copy of medical assessment or letter written on hospital letterhead verifying child's diagnosis signed by a medical professional or social worker
      • Verification of income or letter from employer confirming gross income
      • All orignial reciepts for any travel or accomodation bookings

* Required documentation will differ based on the program and if any other documentation is required the applicant will contacted by the Famility Travel Coordinator

Click Here to download our Financial Assistance Application

Once your application is complete it can be mailed or emailed with all required documentation to our Family Travel Coordinator. Please contact the Coordinator if you have any questions reguarding the application at (807) 627-4153.



Once an application is recieved by the Family Travel Coordinator it will be reviewed to confirm all required information is complete, The application will then be submitted to the granting review committee for review. Submission of an application does not guarantee financial assistance. The foundation is committed to helping as many children and familes from the community as possible however available funding is limited.